in my work I explore houses, farm buildings and warehouses  which always spark my storytelling imagination. I see personalities and faces in buildings that I take photos of or record in my sketchbooks. By layering the buildings or using the shape individually I am able to conjure a feeling of place. You and I may not see the same place in the piece but it brings about a recognition, often a naming of where the scene is located.  

I work in oils and encaustic mixed media.  My process explores the painting surface as I expose or mask particular layers or blocks of color. I look to the history of art to inform my color schemes, specifically the Dutch Baroque period. I love the richness and saturation found in works from that era. I use a loose grid to create a flat yet atmospheric space.  After building up many layers I add buildings and memories of specific "places" start to power the compositions. As I scrape and add or subtract each layer of cold wax and oil is fused using a low temp heat gun. In the final stages of the pieces I allow them to dry and then burnish the surface to create a soft luster where the wax is the thickest.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about pricing or more about the paintings.